Beth E. Lee

For the past 8 years I have been researching and learning the basic mechanisms of our brains and trying to answer the two burning questions in life, what do I want and how do I get it?  Now, after a difficult battle with post natal depression, the experience of living in 5 different countries, and acquiring a Post Graduate Certificate in Psychology and Neuroscience, I am ready to engage the world with my learnings and ideas on how I believe we can get what we want in all aspects of life.  

It was my previous 20 years of corporate content experience, receiving a BA in English and an MBA in Marketing, that got me involved and fully engaged in the ever changing research and writing world.  And this past experience has given me the confidence to write and make The Want Gap series "my important."

Today, along with writing The Want Gap book, I am continuing to study Psychology and Neuroscience in Mental Health at Kings College London and will begin work on the next book in The Want Gap series.

I love talking about what makes us who we are and hearing about what YOU have experienced in either getting or not getting what you want, so please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, queries or just to say hello:  beth (at)