Welcome To The Want Gap

Welcome To The Want Gap


Tell me... What do you want?

It's a huge question.  It can mean what do you want personally, from your job or out of life.  Some people can answer these questions with ease.  I could not only answer this with ease, but with confidence in one simple sentence - I WANT IT ALL!

Have you ever been frustrated by NOT getting what you want?  I think everyone has.

Now, what would you think if I said, "all you have to do is figure out your want gap(s) and then you can move forward to getting what you what!"  You'd probably think, "What's a want gap?"

Here's my definition.

A Want Gap = an interruption in the continual path of movement to achieve a desire or wish for something (a want).

The Want Gap Book

In 2017,  I will be launching The Want Gap book.

Written for self-directed learners, the book utilizes science, psychology and insights to help understand our wants and the gaps that are preventing us from moving forward.

With science and psychology as the foundation, the book and this blog will bring forward ideas, exercises and articles to help us understand how our brains work with relation to getting what we want.

Packed with examples from my experience and insights from executives and creatives alike, The Want Gap will help you finally get from where you are now to where you want to be, providing a more fulfilling life.

Connect with Me

Tell me... What do you want?  I would love to hear from you on your challenges and successes in getting what you want.  And those wants you haven't been able to fulfill.

Feel free to connect with me at beth @ thewantgap.com, follow thoughts on twitter at @thewantgap or on our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/thewantgap

If you're interested in learning about Beth and her journey to getting what she wants, visit the About Us Page.

I hate the phrase "find your passion"... but I want to.

I hate the phrase "find your passion"... but I want to.