I hate the phrase "find your passion"... but I want to.

I hate the phrase "find your passion"... but I want to.


Don't focus on your passion.

Passion.  I don't have one... I have loads!!  Including eating passion fruit - yum.  The reason why I don't like the phrase, "find your passion" or "do what you're passionate about" is because I don't believe we only have ONE passion in life.

Here are the definitions of Passion:

1. A strong and barely controllable emotion 2. An intense sexual love 3. The intense desire or enthusiasm for something 4. A thing arousing great enthusiasm 5. The suffering and death of Jesus

Right.  No wonder I don't want to find my "passion", I have already found it!

1. I have a "strong and barely controllable emotion" about a lot of things, that makes me a feeler (ENFP). 2. Maybe too much TMI, but I have "an intense sexual love" for my husband (sorry - TMI). 3. Let me skip number three and come back to that. 4. There isn't one specific "THING arousing great enthusiasm", but I do have passion for music, wine, and playing scrabble. 5. Finally, I wouldn't say my religious viewpoints would ignite passion around "the suffering and death of Jesus" as a noun, but I know they do for others.

An Intense Desire is not Passion

So, back to number three, "an intense desire or enthusiasm for something".  This is the definition that most people would attribute to finding their passion in life.  Some say they have a passion for their job, some say they are passionate about climate change or a specific point of view.  Ssme even say they have a passion for an industry, like the tech industry.  That's all ok, and good-on all those people who have a passion, but in these cases you could substitute the word passion for focus.  Or better yet, substitute the word desire for it's meaning - WANT!

All of this doesn't help the fact that I feel like something is missing in my life and I need to find it.

Google Can't Help You Find Your Passion

Google was my friend as I played with words to figure out what the heck I was lacking.

Questions such as: What is my purpose in life? How do I find my passion? WHY AM I HERE?

I read a number of blogs, articles, and philosophical papers to find an answer, but it was one concept and one blog post that did it for me.

The Light Bulb Concept

Don't find SOMETHING to be passionate about,

be passionate about what is IMPORTANT to you.

THAT'S IT!  I had to figure out what was important to me.  I had to figure out what I truly believed to be important.  And that requires a fresh start at looking at who I am, because once you figure out what is important, you can then move forward and be focused and actionable.

The Blog that Did It For Me

Screw Finding Your Passion - by Mark Manson (I love his no bullshit writing style - Thank You Mark).

He says in his article: "I meet so many people like him. He doesn’t need to find his passion. His passion already found him. He’s just ignoring it. He just refuses to believe it’s viable. He is just afraid of giving it an honest-to-god try."

It was Mark's article that really nailed it for me.  I had to BELIEVE that what's important to me IS viable and then I have to give it an honest-to-god try.  I can't ignore it anymore.

Moving forward, I will add passion and focus to that importance to get what I want and make change.

Finding Your "Important"

Finding Your "Important"

Welcome To The Want Gap

Welcome To The Want Gap