How To Find Your Core Values - Step 1 in Your Want Map

How To Find Your Core Values - Step 1 in Your Want Map


dandelion-by-aaronburdenFinding Your Core Values

When I was asked what my Core Values are, I broke down in tears in my therapist office.  I couldn't think of ONE of my values never mind identify my CORE values.

I felt ridiculous for not even being able to name two or three values or what they stood for.

Five years later I ask myself the same question.  This time though, I decide to go after this with full force.  I now realise this is the most important exercise I have ever done - IN MY LIFE!

For those of you who have done this type of exercise before, I applaud you.  It's not an easy task.  It took me a good week to get my head around value terminology and thinking through each values importance.  But this exercise was and still is the backbone to who you are.  It's the foundation for all our wants.  Your values are YOU and if you don't know who you are, you certainly can't move forward in a productive way.

So, how do you find your core values?

Compiling Your List

I compiled a list of 53 values.   (this is not an exhaustive list - I found when I kept adding more words, they tended to be synonyms to words I already had in the list.)


Which would I choose to satisfy?  

This is an important question because satisfaction is the reward of wanting.

I then went through all these values and compared them by asking myself on each one, "Which one would I choose to satisfy?"  The key here is to be honest with yourself and truthful as to which value you would prefer to satisfy first.  Here is what my table ended up looking like:


This step took almost a week to complete.  It's difficult to compare your values especially when some words are very similar in meaning. I started with Continuous Improvement as one of my core values because I believe that the human race needs to constantly be learning and changing to evolve.  Since that one was powerful to me, I put that one first and went from there comparing asking myself, "Would I choose to satisfy - my continuous improvement or originality first?"  Continuous Improvement.  Yours will be different, so have a think about what you would compare.

Sort out Your Top Ten

Once I had 12 values that I couldn't choose further, I took them and created a top 10 values list.

slide3These 10 are not in any order - meaning all 10 hold the same weight.  They are my 10 values that make me, me.

The Most Important Step You Can Take - In Your Life!

This is such an important first step because once you know your true values that make you, you - you have the foundation for your WANT work.  

This is the first step in the Want Gap Map.  And with this knowledge in hand, the second step is to identify your learning style and how to go about GETTING your WANT.


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