Know Your Learning Style - Step 2 in Your Want Map

Know Your Learning Style - Step 2 in Your Want Map


Identify Your Own Learning Styleglobes-learning-style

The term "learning style" doesn't necessarily mean the best way we learn.  But instead how we gather, process and remember information.

Our eyes, our ears, our mouth and our sense of touch all allow us to take in information to learn.  However, soon enough, one of our senses becomes a more dominate sense.  It will be that sense that makes more prominent neural pathways in the brain, storing memories of learned information.

It's no surprise then that educators, counsellors, and therapists use an overview of Neil Flemings, VARK Learning Style system to help individuals identify a learning preference.  How we prefer to learn.

The VARK learning styles include:

Visual - (pictures, movies, diagrams)

Auditory - (music, discussions, lectures)

Read/Write - (making lists, reading books, taking notes)

Kinesthetic - (movements, experiments, hands-on activities)

Firstly, we're all different and we all learn differently.  These styles are not to put you in a box.  And you shouldn't over analyze this.  We all use the above to learn but very simply, we all gravitate and prefer to do one of the above over the others.   It's figuring out WHICH one is more dominant.

How "Learning Style" Helps Us Get What We Want

My friend Sara was an auditory learner.  She wanted to be a chemist and she wanted to learn the periodic tables.  She ended up learning the table through music and found her lectures to be very memorable.  Her secondary style was Read/Write, which is why she is now a teacher of science herself.

I am predominately a Read/Write learner with Kinesthetic as my secondary style.  When I was in University, I would have to write and underline in my study books while I read.  Otherwise my focus would go out the window.

Understanding your dominate preference of learning style helps to identify how to go after your wants.  It also helps in overcoming gaps that may get in our way.   Once you know which learning style you gravitate towards, you'll have another tool in your want gap arsenal to fulfilling your wants.


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