The Want Gap Book Update

The Want Gap Book Update


Book Update

And it's off! The Want Gap Book is now with my editor.  Here's the book update. For the next three months, my editor and I will go back and forth to make The Want Gap book interesting, informative, instrumental and inspirational.

The book is a story of how a Mum overcame a horrible battle with post natal depression.  How she and her family moved to five countries in five years.  And frustrated not finding and getting what she wanted, identified her want gaps.

It's a book about psychology and neuroscience which will help explain why we can't get what we want.  Then it will help to identify our gaps and overcome them.

Packed with stories, exercises and insights from other executives, creatives and experts it is sure to be the guide to helping you move forward in your life.

Go from where you are now, to where you want to be - on your own terms, without any "have to's" or "musts".

What You Can Expect from The Want Gap

To whet your appetite, have a look at some of the chapter topics below.  You'll see that most chapters keep coming back to a main topic, your core values.  Please have a read of my post, finding your core values, so that you can understand the importance of this one step.  The entire book will focus on tools, techniques, information, and inspiration to get what you want.

Identifying and Defining Wants

The book will start by helping you learn what wants are and how they are defined.   You'll gain insight into how wants manifest themselves. Then, you'll identify your true wants that are aligned with your core values.

How to Use Self Talk for Change and Core Alignment

You'll learn the importance of self talk, positive want phrases, and how to align this talk to your values to get what you want.

Finding Your Important, not Your Passion

This is a huge topic in the book.  I can't stand it when someone asks, "are you passionate about it"?

I decided to focus on how finding your important is intrinsically linked to who you are.  You'll learn how to identify what is truly important to you and how to use this towards getting what you want.

Overcoming the Motivation Gap

Learn how the brain processes motivation and reward.  How CBT techniques can help you feel more motivated and rewarded and overcome the motivation gap.

Other chapters will include the benefits of stress, overcoming and welcoming fear, and how your decisions and thinking are never really right.

So, that's where it's at.  The book is with the editor for the fun process of getting it right.  Please fill out the form on the right if you're interested in receiving any chapter for free. We'll include you in our Want Gap Book VIP list.

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