A Reality Check - How Much Time Do You Have Left?

A Reality Check - How Much Time Do You Have Left?


Try this simple positive reality check.

It's the end of 2016 and before we engage in that all-encompassing task of goal setting for 2017, here's a small reality check to see how much time you have left on earth.  This will help get your brain and your inner self motivated for the upcoming year.

I asked myself, "How much time do I have left on this earth?"

Of course it's a theoretical question because we don't know our fate but I like to think that I will be alive to see my kids grow up, to see them get married and have children of their own and live a full life.


Even though I am living with depression, I try my best to find the good in everything and the positive options available.  And believe it or not, figuring out how much time I have left on this earth was an exercise that helped me to do this.

"Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood." - Marie Curie, Physicist

Marie Curie was and is right.  Neuroscience today supports this by explaining how fear is something that is learned.  We may have a fear of heights because we experienced a "fear event", which locked that fear into our brains.

I remember being seven.  I missed the "exit" point off a ski lift and ended up jumping and falling off the chair.  Once down, I learned that the chair lift operator stops the chair lift, if you can't get off.  Excellent. Now that I understood how the chair lift worked, I wasn't nearly as afraid the next time around.

By understanding fear, we lose the "sense" of fear.  We begin to embrace our fears and approach them with reason, positivity and downright motivation.

And believe it or not, that's what this exercise did for me.

Exercise:  How Many Months Do You Have Left?

Let's assume you're going to live until 86.  (I just picked this number because while I was living in Singapore, I learned a lot about lucky numbers - and 8 and 6 are two of them.)

You pronounce the number 8 in Mandarin as "Baaa" (like a sheep).  This sounds like "Faaa", which is the word for Luck. So, 8 is a good luck number.

The number 6 in Mandarin is pronounced, short and fast "Leo".  This character (六) sounds similar to the character 流 (liú) which means "to flow".  So an 8 and a 6 together, "luck to flow".  I can die knowing that, although I plan to live to 108, if I'm lucky.  :)

Right - back to it.  This is a really simple exercise.  There are 12 months in a year.  If you're going to live to 86, then you will have lived 1032 months.  (12 x 86 = 1032)

Excellent - except I've lived through 44 of them.  That leaves 42 years left.  So 42 x 12 months is 504 more months to go.  I have 504 more months to live.

Doesn't sound like much.  But here comes the inspirational party.

I HAVE 504 MORE MONTHS!!!  Whoo hoo!!  

Some prefer to go a step further and work out how many days you have left, but I've already lived 1/2 my life so I need a sense of urgency.  Now the fun part, how do I fill those 504 months with fun, exciting, challenging activities that help others and make me a better person?  hmm...

How many months do you have left?  

AND more importantly how do you want to fill those months?

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