Goals for 2017 - Don't Make Resolutions


Have you written down your goals for 2017?  Your new years resolutions?  An action plan to get what you want?

That's what we're supposed to do right?  At the start of a new year, we're supposed to set out goals to achieve that year.  Then at the end of the year or at the end of the month or at the end of the week, we shake our heads and say, ahh well - next year.  Yet another set of goals gets swept to the side, time goes by, and we don't get what we want. But not without some effort... so why didn't that effort amount to much or amount to anything?

It's because we don't have any idea what our WANT GAPS are, how to identify them or how to overcome them.

This year, don't make resolutions.

Don't make a list of goals.  Or create an action plan.  Not just yet.

First, learn your want gaps, identify them, access them and overcome them.  THEN you will be on the right path to fulfilling all your dreams.

Start here, on this blog, and see some of our initial articles, exercises and interviews - specifically:

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(Exercise) Finding your Core Values

(Interview) What it Means to Be Wanted with Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media 

Let's Get What You Want, Together

I welcome you to join me, Beth E Lee, discuss habits, brain activity, psychology, neuroscience, depression, dreams, goals, and everything in between as I move around my want circle and teach you how to do the same.

Through this blog, the launch of The Want Gap book later this year, and interviews with executives and creatives alike, I would like to bring to you a new way of looking at life.  One without gaps of any kind.

I look forward to learning about your insight, your thoughts, your arguments, your interests, and your wants. Because to take all those next steps (goal setting, action planning, motivational support, accountability) you have to know the best path to follow - one that is solely for you.