3 Reasons Why Core Values are So Important


3 Reasons Why Core Values are So Important

As you know, I am a huge advocate for getting down to the heart of who you are.  This months posts have all been about outlining why core values are so important.  From core value awareness through exercises, developing your brand and realizing they function like a mentor. But if all those posts still didn't resonate with you, that's ok... hopefully this one will.

Here are three reasons why it's so important to identify your core values.

#1 - They help define decisions.

They help define decisions to get what we want.  For example, if you are in the market for a new sleep sofa, as I was earlier this month, you start by doing research.  My research began online and then I went to 4 furniture stores to have a look around.  I ended up going to Ikea to pick up a sofa that was comfortable, looked simple, and appealed to my budget.  Three things I value, comfort, simplicity in function, and saving money.  The whole process appealed to my "inquisitiveness" which is one of my core values as well as efficiency.  Efficiency in availability and delivery.  Think about the last time you went shopping, even if it's your weekly food shop.  Why did you come to your end decision?

#2 - They drive behavior.

They drive behavior or what we should do.  Another thing I did this week was get on into my bike shorts and hop on my stationary bike.  I am trying desperately to lose these last 10 pounds and I know that calories in has to equal calories out.  I am not one who likes exercise, but that's because I was doing the wrong exercise.  I absolutely love to get on my bike and rock out to my dance tunes!  My core values were again at the heart of this action.  Deciding to meet a friend for coffee this week was more important than sitting down and writing this post - why?  Getting up early, before the kids, happened twice this week, why?  My core values drove those behaviors and choices of actions. Think of all the other actions you took this week, why?

#3 - They define who we are.

Finally, they align us to what we feel is right, they spark enthusiasm and excitement, they define us or what we should be.  When I did the exercise to find my core values, I was amazed at how excited, motivated, and positive I was.  I just wanted to go!  I wanted to start my life!  I wanted to make a difference.  I wanted to do something important.  I wanted to help and not yesterday, but NOW!  My core values are who I am and it's really exciting to know that this inquisitive, honest, fun, efficient person can do anything.

Your turn, think about your core values.  Embrace them.  Be excited by them.  And then do and BE them.