The Want Gap Cycle Revealed


Do you know why you're not getting what you want?

If you don't then have a look here.  This is the backbone to what The Want Gap is all about.  Perhaps you've tried your hardest to get what you want and either achieved little, given up, or found yourself frustrated - then the Want Gap Cycle may help you understand why.  It's no surprise, there's a gap there.  And if you don't know what your Gap is, that's holding you back, then you'll never know how to change your thinking to get over it and move forward.

The Want Gap Cycle

Do you know what's holding you back?  Do you know what your GAP is and how to overcome it?


Wants are triggered by emotions.  Emotions both good and bad.  It's important to make sure you're in control and have a handle on your emotions to be able to get what you want.  The book explains emotions in more detail and how they affect your thoughts, actions and ultimately who you are.

When we want something, our brains try to answer the question of how to get it.  In The Want Gap book, you'll gain a deeper explanation on how wants are satiable and how our emotions, which created the want, play havoc on our actions and drive to get the want. But once you know how your brain works around this, you can change it to help in your favor - to gain a brain mentor.

Action & "Settle Comfort"

What you tend to do is go straight into action when you want something.  You don't think - you just do.  And that's when the gap hits us firmly in the face.  Look at the little footprints in the diagram.  When you feel a push back, you usually go back to the want and the emotion, to see how else you can satisfy the want and then create another plan to satisfy it or get it.

And it's here you either fall into what I call, "settle comfort", getting comfortable with NOT getting what you want - or you continue on the treadmill loop of never overcoming the gap and getting what you truly want.

The Answer?

As you can see in the diagram, not only is it about knowing your core values, but it's about aligning them with your purpose (YOUR important), who you are, and your emotions.


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