Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health at Kings College London

Hooray!  I have completed my Post Graduate Certificate (PgC) in Psychology and Neuroscience from Kings College London.  Throughout 2017, I completed 4 modules, learning about psychological and physiological foundations of the brain and learning how neuroscience is giving us a better understanding of how our crazy minds work.  It was absolutely fascinating and I learned a great deal about how and why we want.

The most important take-away as I embark on this learning journey is how science views everything with an open mind.  Questioning whether a theory may be right or if there are other factors involved.  The brain is a complex organ, one which has sparked research around psychological theories of mind, physiological theories of it's inner workings and neurological discoveries through technology that are trying to link it all together.  All because we are curious and question the status quo.  And this should be the same for our individual selves as much as science. 

If you're curious about any topic check out Kings College London's site.  You may just find yourself doing something very important.